I wasn't always a runner. In fact couple of years ago I can't even finish a 3 minute jog. I thought of this "3 minute run video" concept two weeks before my first marathon. I was also on a trip to US that time and I decided to take a video of my runs in 3 minute time frames wherever I was.

What for? Well, I want to motivate people like me who always wanted to be physically active and yet somehow think that they cannot do it. And for me the magic number is 3 minutes. When I got pass that threshold I started believing that I can add a little more next time.

In fact, in the marathon I was joining, the strategy was to run 3 minutes then walk 1 minute until you finish the whole 42K. So yeah, for me if you can run 3 minutes, you can finish a marathon!

- I've placed the video camera on my head while running so you definitely will have a runner's point of view. This will make you see the beautiful things runners see while they run and realize why they enjoy running.

- I will also run in as many places in the Philippines as possible as a way to promote the country as well. I would also encourage others to do the same thing and share their videos here as well. Please contact me at dale@FilipinoMatters.org!

- This is in partnership with FilipinoMatters.org. The 'videos' is a great way of showcasing our beautiful country in a different perspective. Foreigners and balikbayans may be encouraged to explore the routes/places featured in the videos themselves. Aside from this, Filipino Matters also supports having a healthy lifestyle. If more Pinoys are active and fit, this can reduce medical costs etc.


Location:  Atlantic City . New Jersey, USA

Date:  March 10, 2012

Activity:  Running

Runner:  Elad

3Minuto:  Atlantic City is known for gambling and leisure.  I’d rather run though!

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